Below is an overview of exactly what this module does for your website: 

  • This module allows the user to create and display study directions on pages in a structured way.

  • You can use this module to add a new content type to the website.

Creating a discipline in the Education - Curriculum - Content type module

Through this module you can add a new content type to your website. The steps below show how to create a study direction page: 

  1. Go to content > Add content > Subject matter

  1. When you click on it, you can start building your discipline. You will get the following fields to fill in:

  • Title: Here you enter the name of your discipline. 

  • Content: Here you can put some general information about the discipline. 

  • Main image: You can add a main image as an extra teaser for search results or for sharing on social media. 

  • Number of hours per week at work: In this field you can fill in how many hours per week the program will consist of. 

  • Field of study: Here you can indicate the field of study. 

  • Degree: Here you can indicate which degree it concerns. 

  • Content: Here you can add extra content to your study sheet. 

  • More info link: If you have another website or page that can give more information about the link, you can put that page here. 

  • Admission requirements: You can post the admission requirements for the program here. 

  • What can I become? You can place in this field what the future prospects are regarding the training. 

  • Location: You can indicate where the training is located via the location button. 

  • Duration of the course: You can enter the duration of the course in this field. 

  • Spotify link: In this field you have the possibility to share a spotify link with your visitors. 

  • Links: You can add additional links in this field. 

  • Additional info: You can add certain additional info in this field.

  1. When you have filled in the desired fields, you can enter some keywords and link general terms to the page. 

  1. In addition, you can also manage the page settings: 

  • On the right side of your page you will find some additional settings, such as menu settings. Menu settings allow you to add your page to your structure. To activate this, click on "Provide a menu link". When this is checked you can add the page to one or more navigations.

  • You can also choose to make your page invisible to internal search functions. You can set this by checking the box "Exclude from external search".

  • You can further optimize the page for search engines by using the meta tags. The meta tags allow you to improve the findability of your website by manually adding the SEO title and the SEO description.

    • You can also adjust the meta tags settings per page in detail to make a specific page very well findable for a certain target audience. 

  • You can also set when a page is published and when it is unpublished. 

  • This can be done by clicking on the tab "Publication options".

  1. When you have filled in all the settings and fields, you can save the page.