The following steps teach you how to create this page:

  1. Go to Content> Add Content> Condition

  1. In the language field you choose in which language you want to create the page (Automatically set to English)

  1. complete all the necessary fields:

  • Title of the condition      

  • Brief description of the specific condition     


  • Complaints that occur       

  • Research       

  • What treatment is available within the hospital     


  • You can add as many free paragraphs as needed through the button “add content”. You can enter a title and content for each paragraph.       

  • At the link of the main navigation, enter the desired location of the navigation. This is shown on the right side of the page.       

  • Enter the name of the responsible service      

  1. Select a keyword in the general taxonomy list or complete keywords with the terms with which your page should be found (not mandatory)

  1. Place the page in the navigation

  • scroll up and select menu settings in the right column       

  • Check that you want a menu link       

  • complete and choose the correct main level      

  • Click on “add menu link” if the page should appear several times in the navigation.       

  1. Change the page to the correct status and click save.