The e-counter module is an extension of the webforms module in which submissions of a web form is converted into a digital file. A submission can be given a status, be assigned to a case handler and the completed fields can be updated. For the various intermediate steps, notification messages can be sent to both the submitter and the case handler. Both submitter and administrator can also communicate with each other about the file in the portal itself. Everything is kept in the history of the file itself so that no more information is lost through all kinds of emails outside the file.

From the citizen's point of view, this means that the citizen creates an account, makes a choice from one of the many forms and submits a file. After that, the citizen can monitor the status and communicate with your organization. The entire history and associated communication is stored in the personal portal of the citizen.

With the user registration module, you allow visitors to create an account on your website without your intervention.

For files where the national registration number is required, you can link forms to the eID module, so that the citizen can log in with eID or Itsme.