What are keywords?

Keywords are often used to expand the website's internal search functionality. For example, you can add synonyms or dialect words to pages so that the page is also found when visitors search for those words in the internal search function of the website. As with the general taxonomy list, the keywords will not be displayed on the pages themselves. Contrary to the general taxonomy list terms, you do not have to define the tags first under structure, but you can create them directly and add them to a page. You can find an overview of all keywords on the website via structure> taxonomy> keywords.

Keywords can also be used internally to add download lists or photo albums to your website. You can also structure files in the library using keywords.

Add a keyword to a page

  1. Create a page or go to the page where you want to add the term.

  1. Click on Edit

  1. Scroll down until you find the keywords. Here you can enter your keywords yourself.

  1. When you have adjusted all settings and fields of the page, you can save the page.