When this module is activated, you can also create your own EBL page via the content type included in this module. To create an EBL page, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to content > Add content. 

  2. Select EBL page

  3. Once you have selected the EBL page, you can continue to configure it.

    1. Title: You have to give the publication a title

    2. Subtitle: You can give the publication a subtitle

    3. Publisher: you can add a publisher to the publication

    4. Author: You can add several authors to the publication

    5. Series: You can add a series to the publication

    6. Topic: You can add a specific topic to the publication in order to place publications with the same topic together. 

    7. Document link: You can add a document to the publication and add an anchor text to it. 

    8. Website: You can add a certain website to your publication

    9. Document type: You can add a certain document type to your publication

    10. Document language: You can specify the language of the document. 

    11. Publication date: You can add a certain publication date. 

    12. ISSUU viewer link: You can add an ISSUU viewer link if you wish.

  4. When all fields are filled in, you can save the page.