When a user logs in to the website, he or she is directed to the dashboard. On this dashboard, you see all pages that you have recently worked on. Below is an overview of the various information that the dashboard provides to the user: 

  • All draft pages created by the user

  • All pages with possibly broken links. You can repair the pages quickly and efficiently if necessary. If the module is enabled, you can click through to an overview to fix the broken links immediately. Attention: You can only see this screen when the module "Broken links" is activated on the website.

  • Overview of pages sent to you for approval
    An editor can choose to have a page approved by a chief editor. This section gives an overview of pages, with approval status, that have been assigned to you specifically.

  • This screen is only visible when you are in Chief Editor or Webadmin role.

  • Next to it is an overview of all pages that have been sent to you with the status "to be reviewed".

  • The next section contains an overview of all recently published pages, i.e. all pages published by a user. 

  • An overview of all pages that need to be checked

  • An overview of all pages with the status "to be approved". 

  • An overview of all pages that have been taken offline recently. 

  • An overview of all pages scheduled for publication and scheduled to go offline.