The following steps will teach you how to add this to your website.

  1. Go to “content” - “add content”

  2. Click on “Organization” to create an organization page.

  1. At language, you choose in which language you want to create the page (Automatically set to English)

  2. complete all the necessary fields:

  • Title of the organization       

  • Email address of the organization       

  • Telephone numbers of the organization       

  • Optional fax number of the organization       

  • VAT number of the organization       

  • The building where the organization is located       

  • The address of the organization       

  • In addition, it is also possible to display the location of the company on map.       

  • Using the opening hours module you can link opening hours with your organization       

  • You can also add a manager to this page using the contact person module by searching on the name of the contact person (only if you have previously created a page for this person)       

  • If there is a parent organization , you can also enter this         

  • You can add a custom link that will point on the website to another page within the website or to an external website. Below is an example of a custom link.       

  • If the organization has another website, you can complete this website       

  • You can share social media with the visitors       

  • Provide a summary in which you can give a short description to the visitors       

  1. Click on “Save”