1. Navigate to the page where you want to place the block.

  2. Click on the “Layout” block on the page to adjust the layout of the page, as shown below.


  1. Navigate to the place where you want to add the block. Click there on “Add block”

  1. A new screen will appear on the right side of the screen. Search there in the search bar for “organisation component”. Click on the result you find.

  1. You will now see an overview where you can set the various settings for this block.
    It is important that you choose the correct organisation sheet when setting up this block.

  1. In addition, the user can also choose how he would like to display the organization sheet.

  1. Short: You only see the name of the organization and the email address.

  1. Middle: You see the basic contact details of the organization

  1. Long: In addition to contact information, this long view also provides the organization's address

  1. Long with opening hours also shows the opening hours of the organization in addition to contact details of the organization.

  1. When the block has been set up completely, you can click on “Add block”.