1. Go to the tab “Content”> “Add content”

  1. You will see a page where you can add all the different page types that are active on your website. Search in this list for Waste material and click on it.

  1. A page will now appear with various input fields to provide your page with the necessary information. Complete these fields.

  1. Enter a title to name the waste fraction (required).

  1. You can then add a page with more information about the waste fraction by adding the URL and additional text.

  1. Optionally complete “Where to bring”

  1. By clicking on add item, you can add multiple sorting guides.

  1. You can also add extra information and tips to your waste fraction.

  1. Finally, you also have the option to add different synonyms to the waste fraction, so that users can find it more easily.

  1. When you have set up the page, you can save the page by clicking the “Save” button. Do not forget to give the page the correct status.