1. Go to the page where you want to add an overview of the recent events of the organization.

  1. Click Layout.

  1. Go to the section where you want to place the overview, click on Add block.

  1. On the right side of your screen you will find all available blocks that you can add to your page.

  1. In the search field you can search for “Events: Upcoming events”

  1. Click on the obtained result

  2. You can now set the block by adding the following settings:

  1. You can check whether the title should be displayed.

    1. You indicate how many items are displayed in the block.

    2. You can adjust the height

    3. When you check Overwrite title, you can enter a modified title, which will overwrite the original title.

  1. When all settings have been entered, you can click on “Add block”.

  1. To save the page, click Save Layout.