This bar serves to switch between four different screens, namely returning to the site, editing your website, editing your profile and a link to our helpdesk if you have a question. The CMS has different roles, so the options of the different tabs are different.

Tab: Manage

This tab is used to edit the website. Under this tab you can consult all pages of the website and add pages. You can also consult and modify the structure. 

This tab is the most used tab in CMS. 

Tab: (your name)

This tab allows the user to edit their profile, view their profile and log out if necessary. If you are using your account for the first time, this tab is essential. You can use this tab to set up your profile and make changes where necessary. You can also enter a new password, as the default password is not secure enough. 

Tab: Support

If certain functionalities are not completely clear it is possible to consult our Helpdesk. Here you have the possibility to contact an employee of Paddle. It is also possible to consult our FAQ section to find a quick solution to your problem. This can be consulted via