The following steps teach you how to create this page:

  1. Go to Content (Content)> Add Content> Doctor

  1. At language you choose in which language you want to create the page (Automatically set to English)

  1. complete all the necessary fields

  • Service: start typing the title of the service and the system will make a proposal. you can also add multiple services here by clicking on “Add item”       

  • Unique Doctor ID: here you can enter the doctor ID.       

  • More information about the time at which the doctor is conventioned, eg complete: "is conventioned only on Wednesdays"       

  • You can enter multiple specializations here by clicking on add item     


  • Main picture: add media. This image is the image of the doctor visible to the visitor:    


  • If the image is already in the media library: select an image and click on insert selected       

  • If the image is not yet in the media library: you can choose to add a new file> select file on your computer, give an alternative text if necessary (read by screen readers) and crop the image> save> select the image and click on selected insert       

  • Consultations: tick Saturday and Sunday if you also want to enter a time slot for this. Add 1 or more time slots per day where necessary. Each time slot, you can also enter additional information such as the route or if necessary “conventioned” and an address (the route or entrance to the hospital or any external address)       

  • Phone number       

  • Link to online appointments: An external link to the appointments of the form       

  • Extra information       

  • Link to publications and PUB-MED publications, both external links       

  1. Select a keyword in the general taxonomy list or complete the terms with which your page should be found under keywords (not mandatory)

  1. Place the page in the navigation if necessary

  • scroll up and select menu settings in the right column       

  • Check that you want a menu link       

  • complete and choose the correct main level       

  • Click on “add menu link link” if the page should appear multiple times in the navigation.       

  1. Meta tags: give the page the correct tags, especially page title and description are important

  2. Choose the correct status for the page



  1. Click on save