The following steps teach you how to add an event page:

  1. Go to “content” - “add content”

  1. Click on “Event” to create an event page.

  1. At language, you choose in which language you want to create the page (Automatically set to English)

  1. Complete all the necessary fields:

  • Title of the event       

  • Date of the event: This is displayed as the period of the event       

    • Start date       

    • End date       

  • Featured image: An image used as a teaser when the page is shared on other platforms such as social media. The image can also be displayed in the internal search function or in lists.         

  • Summarize the event based on the content       

  • Type of event can be chosen       

    • The type of event can be determined in a glossary at structure> taxonomy.       

  • Event address       

  • It is also possible to indicate this on the map. When this page is opened, this card will appear on the page.       

  • It is also possible to add directions to the event       

  • You can indicate that this is an annual event.       

  • The organizer of the event       

  • Different phone numbers of the contacts       

  • email address can be communicated       

  • link to the event website with an alternative link text       

  1. After that, you can still complete the taxonomy. Click on save.