1. Go to the tab “Content” and click on “Add content”

  1. You will now see a page where you can add all the different page types that are active on your website. Search for Street plan in this list and click on it.

  1. A page will now appear with various input fields to configure your page with the necessary information.

  1. Title: The user must give the street plan a title.

  1. Content: The user has the option to add any text to the page.

  1. Text alternative: To make a Street plan fully accessible, you can provide a text alternative for the Street plan in this field.

  1. Search settings: This field allows the user to adjust the Street plan settings.

    1. When you check Enabled, you enable the filter, allowing the visitor to filter on certain taxonomy terms.

  1. In addition, you can also choose to display the filter as a drop-down list in which you can choose from a list. Or you can choose to display the filter as a list so that the visitor sees a list of filter options.

  1. You can also use the filter as a prefix filter. This will activate the filter regardless of visitor behaviour.

  1. When you have set up the full page, you can save the page by clicking on Save at the bottom of the page.