You can always manually add points to your Street plan using this page type. The following steps teach you how to create a POI.

  1. Under the blue bottom bar, go to “Content”> “Add Content” as shown below.

  1. You will see a page where you can add all the different page types that are active on your website. Search for POI in this list and click on it.

  1. A page will now appear with various input fields to configure your page with the necessary information. Complete.

  1. Enter a title to name the waste fraction (required).

  1. Enter the building for your POI. (Optional)

  1. Enter the address of your POI (Required)

  1. Then enter the address again in the field of the card, as shown below. It is important to complete this field again, otherwise the card will not be displayed on your page.

  1. Link the page with any directions from the POI. Here you can place an external link or an internal link.

  1. You can also link to more information about your POI by filling in the “More information” field.

  1. It is also possible to add any additional content to your POI, using the entry field “Content”.

  1. When you have filled in all the necessary fields, you can save the POI. You can do this by clicking on “Save”. Don't forget to determine the status of your page.