Within the Paddle CMS Platform it is possible to store images on the website. Each image is then maintained in a central library. This makes it possible to use the same image/document/video on multiple pages while you only had to upload the file once. The following steps teach how a file can be added to the media library: Go to the media library via content> Media

  1. Choose “Add Media”

  1. Choose the type of media item you want to add

  1.  Within the media library it is possible to add different types of files. The following list clarifies how each type of content works:

  • Document:       

  • Give a name to the document       

  • Upload the file       

  • You can add tags to the document to find it better in the search results       

  • Image:       

  • Give a name to the image       

  • Upload the image       

  • Provide an alternative text (ALT tag) if necessary (not mandatory for decorative images).         

    • An alternative text is the text that is displayed or read when the image cannot be displayed. This text is important to guarantee an accessible website.       

  • You can also crop the image       

  • You can add tags to the image to create a structure in the media library.       

  • Or you can use general taxonomy list terms       

  • Video local:       

  • Name the video       

  • Upload the video file       

  • You can add free tags to the file.       

  • Or you can use general taxonomy list terms       

  • Web video:


  • Name the YouTube video.       

  • Enter the URL of the video.       

  • You can add free tags.       

  • Or you can use general taxonomy list terms       

  1. When all this has been filled in, you can save the content element.