This step-by-step guide shows how you can add a page to your structure. You can do this in two different ways:

  • Through the page itself         

  • Through the general structure of the website         

Add a page to the structure through the page's settings

  1. Go to the page you wish to place in the structure.

  1. Click on Edit

  1. On the right side you will see the settings page. Expand the menu settings tab.

  1. Click on “Provide a menu link”.

  1. You can now place the page in a menu. You can insert the page on the right place in the structure by indicating a parent item. If the page is to hang on the first level in the selected navigation, select the name of the navigation structure, e.g. “main navigation”.

  1. You can also place a page in several places in the structure. You do this by clicking on Add menu link.

  1. When you have placed the page in the structure, you can save the page by clicking Save at the bottom.

Add a page to the structure via the structure tab

For this guide, it is useful that your page has already been created

  1. Go to “Structure” - “Menu”


  1. You will see an overview of all structure menus available in your website. Choose the structure you want to add a page to.

  1. Click Add Link

  1. Give your menu a title (This is the title that you will see in the navigation on your website.)

  1. Link the structural element to your page by entering the title of your page.

  2. You can optionally give a description to the link, so that it is clearer for other editors in the CMS.

  3. Enter the parent menu item. The menu item will then be displayed under the chosen parent item.

  1. You can now save the link.