1. Go to the page where you want to place the countdown clock.

  1. Click Layout

  1. Click on “Add block” in the section where you want the countdown clock on your page.

  1. On the right of your screen you can find all available blocks for your website. Search for the countdown clock in the search bar. Then click on “Countdown timer component” to add this block.

  1. Now you have to set the block. Complete the following settings to be able to add the block to your page.

  1. Countdown to: Enter the date to which you want to count down. This allows the clock to start running.

  1. Font size of the timer: enter the font size of the timer.

  1. When you have set the block, click on “Add block”. The block will now be added to your page.

  1. Click on “Save Layout” to save the layout of the page.