The second layer of your page consists of several columns in which you can add content blocks. You can add, edit and remove the blocks yourself.

Add a block to your page

From the layout of your page, you can add a block to a section on the page. The following steps show how to add this starting from the layout of a page.

  1. Navigate to the section where you want to place the block, then click Add block at the bottom of the section.

  1. You will see an overview on the right side of your page with all the content blocks that you can add to your page.

  1. From there you can set the content block and add it to your page. In this overview, we also provide a search function. This allows you to filter faster on all content blocks that are available to add to the page

Edit block on your page

It is also possible to edit your content block if it has already been added to the page. From the Layout of your page, you can edit the block in the following way.

  1. Navigate with your cursor to the Configure button and click on it.

  1. When you click on this, the block's settings reappear.

  1. You can now adjust and save the settings of the block again by clicking on “Adjust”

Remove block from the page

It is also possible to delete a block from the Layout. The following steps teach you how to delete a block.

  1. Move your cursor to the top right of the block you want to delete.

  1. Click on the pencil that becomes visible when you navigate with your cursor over it.

  1. Then click on Remove block.

  1. Click again on Remove to delete the block.

Block Top and Bottom text

Each content block can also have a superscript and a caption. A superscript gives a block a title or image that appears above the content. A caption shows text with a possible link below the chosen block. The caption is often used for "read more" links

The following steps teach you how to set the superscript and caption of your block.

  1. To activate the superscript of a block, click on “Top”. Choose “Bottom” for the caption.

  1. Then click on activate.

  1. Now you can choose to add text or an image.

    1. When you choose to add a text, you can add the text in the “Text field” and you can upload another image to use as an icon.

  1. When you upload an image it is not possible to add text.

  1. After that you can choose to give the image a ratio. A ratio allows you to determine the size of the image and which part of the original image you want to display.

  1. In addition, it is also possible to provide the top or caption with an external or internal link.