The following steps teach you how to create this page:

  1. Go to Content> Add Content> Staff

  1. At language you choose in which language you want to create the page (Automatically set to English)

  1. complete all the necessary fields:

    1. Title       

  1. First name and last name     


  1. Function       

  1. Link the employee to the correct working hours, you can add different working hours     


  1. Telephone number (2 different possible but not required)       

  1. Location: enter address or link to the campus map       

  1. email address       

  1. Specializations       

  1. Featured image       

  1. Consultations: You can indicate when an employee is available to receive patients.   

  1. Place the page in the navigation

    1. scroll up and select menu settings in the right column       

    2. Check that you want a menu link       

    3. complete and choose the correct main level       

    4. Click on “Add menu link” if the page should appear several times in the navigation.       

  2. Change the page to the correct status and click save