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The following steps teach you how to add this page:

  1. Go to “content” - “add content”

  1. Click on “Contact person” to create a contact person page.

  1. At language, you choose in which language you want to create the page

  1. complete all the fields that are required (Fields that are not filled in are also not shown):

  • First name and last name of the contact person   


  • The organization they belong to       

  • Where you can enter their mobile number       

  • You can link to an organization page that was created within the CMS.       

  • The function that the person performs within the organization       

  • The office where this person works       

  • The email address of the person       

  • The contact's phone number       

  • You can tick whether you want to take over the contact information of the organization. This means you have to complete less manually       

  • You can add contact information to various organizations. by clicking on the button “Add member of the organization ”.      

  • You can add a link to a website with the URL and a label text.       

  • Ability to share your Skype ID with visitors.       

  • Links to the person's Social media channels       

  • Finally, you can also add a main picture of your contact.       

  1. Enter the general taxonomy of the website and click save

  2. Don't forget the settings on the right.

    1. On the right side of your page, you will find some more settings for your page, such as menu settings. Menu settings allow you to add your page to your structure. To activate this, click on “Provide a menu link”. When this is checked, you can add the page to one or more structures.

    2. You can also choose not to make your page findable for internal search functions. You can set this by checking the box “Exclude from search”.

    3. You can further optimize the page for search engines by using meta tags. The Meta tags allow you to improve the findability of your website by manually adding the SEO title and the SEO description

      1. You can also adjust the meta tags settings per page in great detail to make a specific page very easy to find for a specific target audience.

    4.  You can also set when a page is published and when it is unpublished.

      1. You can set this by clicking on the “Publish options” tab.

  3. Save the page with the desired status