1. Go to Content - Add Content.

  1. In the overview of all different page types, click on Minutes.

  1. You get an overview with all the different fields that you can complete.

    1. Number: the number that your note will have.

    2. Title: The title of your note.

    3. Content: you can add content to your page. This will then be displayed at the top of the page after the title and number.

    4. You can give the page a Featured image. This will then be displayed in the search results in the internal search function or when you start sharing the page on social media

    5. Date of the decision: You can specify the exact date of the decision.

    6. Date of publication

    7. You can indicate the validity of your minutes.

    8. The location where the minutes were ratified.

    9. You can also add a source document from the media library or upload it from your computer. If you upload a note from your computer, it will automatically be added to the media library.

    10. You can also upload additional documents.

    11. If the associated city council was broadcast live, you can also add a live stream link or link an external website for the visitor.

  2. In addition to these entry fields, you also have some page options on the right side of your screen, where you can further set the page.

    1. On the right side of your page you will find some more settings for your page, such as menu settings. Menu settings allow you to add your page to your structure. To activate this, click on “Provide a menu link”. When this is checked, you can add the page to one or more structures.

  1. You can also choose not to make your page findable for internal search functions. You can set this by checking the box “Exclude from search”.

  1. You can also prevent your page from being found by the external search functions. You can do this by adjusting the meta tags.

    1. Expand the meta tags menu.

    2. Scroll down until you find the option to select noindex . This option prevents external search engines from displaying the page in their search results.

  2. You can also set when a page is published and when it is unpublished.

    1. You can set this by clicking on the “Publish options” tab.

  1. When all fields have been completed, you can save the website with the correct status.