Within the CMS it is possible to place links on your page. As a user you can place internal links and external links. If you want to link to an internal page, it is best to use an internal link. If a link with an external website is used, it is possible to use an external link. The following steps teach you how to place an internal and external link on your website.

Internal link

  1.  In the text editor, select the word to serve as the link

  2. Then click on the link icon with the plus sign.

  1. In the pop-up window you can enter the title of the page you want to link to. This is an autocomplete that searches through existing pages.

  1. When your page appears, click on it and save.

External links

  1.  To create a link, you first select the word that must link to the external website.

  2. Then click on the link icon without the plus sign.

  1. Choose the type of link you want to create and paste the link in the appropriate field. 

  1. Click on OK and your link is now established.