A user with the webadmin role can delete an account from the CMS. This can only be done by a user with web admin rights.

  1. Go to Users

  1. Select the user you want to delete by clicking the checkbox in front of the user's name.

  1. Below the search bar you will find an action menu, where you can choose different actions. In that menu, choose Cancel the selected user accounts.

  1. Then click Apply to selected items.

  1. A confirmation will now be asked and four different removal options will be proposed

  1. You can disable the account and keep the content

  2. The account will be disabled and all content for which this account is responsible will be unpublished.

  3. Delete the account and move all content assigned to this account to anonymous.

  4. Delete the account and content associated with this account.

  1. When you are sure, click on “Cancel account”.