If you as a user no longer want the page online, it is also possible to place the page in the archive. The page will then no longer be in the general content overview but will be placed separately in an archive overview. In the archive you can place all pages, that are no longer needed without having to delete them. The advantage of the archive is that an unlimited number of pages can remain here. In addition, the archive is also fully managed by the user.

Archiving a page can be done in two different ways. The following steps teach you how to archive pages and how to view archived pages.

Through the overview of all pages

  1. Go to “content”

  1. Click on the arrow within the row of the page you want to archive and then click on archive to archive the page you want.

  1. You will be asked if you are sure you want to "archive this page". Then click on “confirm” if you are certain you want to move the page to the archive.

  1. Now the page will be archived, and you can find it in an overview list within the archive

    1. You can find the archive by clicking on content in the blue menu bar

    2. Then choose archive


By editing the page

  1. Go to the page you want to archive.

  1. Click on “edit”

  1. Scroll down and change the status to “Archived”

  1.  Click on “Save” and the page will be archived