The following steps explain how you can hide a page from the public.

  1.  Navigate to the page you want to hide.

  1. Click on edit

  1. There is a separate settings menu on the right side of the page. In this menu you will find the name of the module: Protected content.

  1. Expand the menu of the protected content by clicking on it. Within this menu you have 3 different options:

  1. Everyone: The page is available to anyone who comes to the URL.

  2. Authenticated users: the page is available only for people who are logged into the CMS.

  3. Specific user roles: The page is available only to people who have a certain user role. By checking different roles, you give users linked to the role rights to view the page.

  1. Choose one of the options to properly shield the page, as you wish.

  2. When you have chosen these settings, you can save the page.