Within the text editor it is possible to add various text effects. You can choose the format of the text by placing it in bold, placing it diagonally, underlining it or crossing it out.

In addition, it is also possible to place text as superscript or subscript.

When you have formatted text, but you are not completely satisfied with the formatting, it is always possible to remove the formatting by selecting the text and clicking the “remove formatting” icon

It is also possible to apply different styles to certain texts. Title styles, heading styles and other styles can be added.

 It is also possible to align your text left, right or centrally by using the three icons on the left of the frame. You can make lists using the icons on the right. The levels of these enumerations can also be individually determined. 

Within the text you have the option to add a quote. There is a separate button in the editor for this. By using this “quote” button it is possible to insert a quote.

You can draw a horizontal line by clicking on the “horizontal line” button. This causes the text block to be divided into two different pieces. 

You can also add a table in the text block. When you add a table you have to indicate how many rows and columns you want. The CMS will also ask you whether headlines are present or not?

Afbeelding met tekst 
Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

Adding media from the media library is also one of the possibilities of the editor. For example, you can add images to your text using the “media” button.

Finally, it is also possible to place a frame within this text that will present a (part of an) other website. You do this by clicking on the Iframe icon. After this you will get a screen where you can set up the website.