As mentioned earlier in this manual, from the dashboard, you can find an overview of different types of pages in the CMS. 

From the dashboard, the user also has the option to edit, archive and copy pages. From your dashboard, you can also navigate to all pages with a certain status. 

For each role, the dashboard will look different. Depending on the enabled modules, you may not be able to see certain sections. The same applies to the different roles. Not all roles will see all sections of the dashboard. Below is an image of the dashboard for each role. 

Editing, archiving or copying pages from the dashboard

The following steps will teach you how to edit, archive or copy a page: 

  1. Navigate to your dashboard. To do this, go to Edit website as shown previously and click on the second tab under Edit website, as shown in the image below

  1. Now you will see an overview of all the pages that were last edited, need to be checked, and so on. If you want to edit a page that is on your dashboard, go to the page and click on the edit button, which is next to the page title.

  1. This allows you to edit a page. If you want to copy a page, archive it, edit the layout or show the page, you can click on the arrow next to edit.

  1. This will open a small menu, giving the user more options. Click on one of the options to implement it. 

Full overview of all pages according to a certain section

Within the Dashboard, it is also possible to view all pages that are in draft or that you have created. You can do this by following these steps.

  1. Navigate to the "Dashboard" page

  1. Under each section you will now find a link "Go to...". Click on this link to go to the content tab. This tab is explained in detail in the next chapter of this manual.

  1. Each section will take you to the same page, but the advanced search function will ensure that you only see the pages you want to see.